Our Story

Jewelry is a special gift.  It's created out of passion and given with love.  Jewelry reflects not only one's style and personality, but is also a reflection of the heart.  At The Little Diamond Store, we're here to help you celebrate all the facets of love.  Our team carries years of experience in all aspects of the fine jewelry industry, from wholesaling loose diamonds and gemstones, to designing, marketing, and sales.  We work closely with our manufacturers and suppliers to insure the very best quality and the best prices for our clients.  Our mission is simple...celebrate love, care for our clients, and create superb jewelry.     

Our Passion

Jewelry is our passion!  We specialize in custom design and we love it!  We work with our clients to create pieces that truly capture the essence of their love story and their life story.  We want every piece to be just right so we use the latest in CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology to give clients the advantage of previewing designs and making revisions before any metal work begins.  If you can imagine it, we can create it.     

Our Diamonds and Gemstones

Our diamonds and gemstones are selected from responsible and ethical suppliers, nationally and internationally.  We take in our clients' requests and requirements; we provide a wide selection of gems to choose from; and we guide them through all the intricacies of examining gemstones and interpreting lab certificates.  Our diamonds and gemstones include lab certificates from EGL US, GIA, and AGS.

Our Service

At The Little Diamond Store we know each purchase is personal and important.  We make it a point to make you feel comfortable and to give you our undivided attention.  Each appointment is private so you can feel free to discuss the details of your purchase without the distractions of other customers or sales associates.  Everything is confidential, and arrangements for outside appointments can be made if necessary.  We want every client to feel welcomed and special, because to us, they absolutely are.


Other services we provide include:

  • Resizing rings

  • Professional cleaning and repair

  • Trade-in and upgrading diamonds

  • Remounting center stones (upgrade settings)

  • Recutting diamonds/gemstones to repair and/or improve cut grade

  • Acquiring GIA or EGL US lab certificates for diamonds and gemstones

  • Appraisals from certified gemologists

    We look forward to working with you and making your jewelry dreams come true.